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Targeted Songwriting, Jingles, Voiceovers & Ad Copy 

for Deep Emotional Impact   

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Female Folk Rock Releases

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Carol Lester, ASCAP Licensed By

Song "How Dare You" on USA TV in Movie Promos for Secret Cutting with Rhea Perlman

Mamapalooza Records 

"Feed The Love Starve The War"

Song "Amaranthia" On Amazon Books released with Book "Sky Pirates"

"Ocean Breathing" JC Recreation Yoga
"Can I Sit Here" & "It's Nice To Be Nice"

Anti Bullying Jersey City Public Schools

"I Can Reach My Dreams" Theme Song Kenmare High School 25th Anniversary

Voice Overs, Jingles & Ad Copy for Deep Emotional Impact


Jersey City Dept of Recreation

Retail Theme Song

"Urban Jungle Play

The Red Cross Hudson Radio Theme

"Together We Can Save a Life

Animation Voice Characters

SPanish & English on

Video Game To be Released

VO Samples

Event MC & Auctioneer, TV Appearances, 

Education Roundtables Broadcast Political Debates, Friggin Fabulous Productions &  Liberty Voiceovers.

Carol Lester Productions

Albums & Songs, Videos, Streaming

Carol Lester Band NYC

Full Jazzy Rock Band

With Cello, Keys, Brazilian Percussion, Sax

Carol Lester Club Ensemble 

With Bass, Guitar, Keys, 

Harmony, BrazilianPercussion

World Women Ensemble

Acoustic Female 

Guitar Percussion & Harmony

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