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2019 Contracts Signed


25 Song Contract Oct 2019 

Linnette Harrigan Media 

Is pitching my song (below) for Ads

"My Daddy's Coat"

More 2020 contracts to come on Holiday, & Multi Lingual Spanish Hebrew French Mandarin Songs

Carol's Music Licensed By

USA TV Trailer for Movie

"Secret Cutting", Rhea Perlman

The Red Cross   
Amazon Books
Retail Theme for Urban Jungle Play

Anti Bullying, Jersey City Public Schools



Industry Accolades


2019 Spotify Streaming Statistics

IMA Awards Industry Judge
Annual Independent Music Awards
Industry Judge for 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 14th Award Years Children's & Covers

VP Mamapublooza Music Publishing

2007 to 2014, Represented Catalogue of  80 "Mamapalooza" Moms Who Rock Musicians A&R Compilation CDs


Jersey City Department of Recreation

Voice Over Demos

Animation Voice Characters

Event MC & Auctioneer

Education Roundtable Panelist

Showcased at Linnette Harrigan Media, NYC Conference

"Tu Y  Yo"   by Carol Lester

(Male, Female, Spanish, English)

Carol Lester Ensembles & EmCee Events


Streaming Albums  Videos


Host of Monthly Showcase
"2nd Sunday Songwriters" 

Music, Poetry Showcase 

& Sync Info Industry Speakers

January 12th Tickets Here

Carol Lester Band NYC

Full Jazzy Rock Band

Cello, Keys, Brazilian Percussion, Sax

Carol Lester Club Ensemble 

With Bass, Guitar, Keys, 

Harmony, BrazilianPercussion

World Women Ensemble

Acoustic Female 

Guitar Percussion & Harmony

Children's Music

Bubble Queen Music (tm)

on OneWamArtists Label

ABC Sing With Me!  Classes & Parties